In recent days, the most complain that has occupied the whole places from punters and a lot of bettors have been precisely on if virtual sport betting are rigged or not, this is due to their consistent losses on bet, many never see their predictions being affected by some factor or bad luck that might have affected their predictions and this made them doubt the virtual betting system of being if truly random or just a scam.

 In fact a lot of sport bettors have claimed that bookmakers manipulate the virtual betting system just to favor themselves leaving their customers dumbfounded and profitless which is not the case for some bettors, as there are numbers of people who lose a hell of amount money on predictions, so also some punters wins groundbreaking whooping sum of cash in the virtual betting industry in the case of Jackpots.

In this article I will discuss if tuly virtual sport betting is dynamic as some people think or probably fair and also how you can pave your way in the industry. I hope you are ready to take a deep dive with me into virtual sport betting, let’s get started.

First of all let us understand what “Virtual Sport Betting” is — It is understandable that some would have been trying to understand the difference between virtual sport betting and real-world sport betting, it is as simple as this

What is Virtual Sports Betting? 

Virtual betting ar based on real-life sport events where computer software were programmed to play out sporting events, such as races or contests and displayed digitally. Advanced algorithms determine the outcome of each event; they account for the skill of the participants as well as the luck elements inherent in real-world sporting events which makes money for punters who place bets on an event.

The computer-generated graphics of the virtual sports are usually advanced and look so much like you would see on current-generating gaming consoles, but short of watching a television broadcast.

Virtual sports have gained a lot of attractions and inspirations as a way of sportbooking to offer football fans worldwide to place their predictions without the need of a real-life event. There are varieties of virtual sport betting which includes;

  • Football soccer
  • Horse Racing
  • Dash Greyhounds
  • Bingo
  • Speedway
  • Greyhound
  • Motor racing, etc…

Why Do People Prefer Virtual Betting?

Interestingly, Virtual Sport betting has gained a lot of traction as a easy and cool way of betting, entertaining, and making money from it makes it more fun and suitably preferable to real-world betting by most users based on some few benefiting factors, these factors includes.

  • Accessibility 
  • Availability
  • New source of entertainment
  • Easy Betting
  • Easy Profit Making.

Let me explain each points i’ve placed above right here,

Accessibility :

All you need is a working computer and steady internet connection, virtual sport has make it simpler and easier for sport lovers and bettors to gain full streaming access to virtual sport events from anywhere in the world and also for them to be able to place any bet option of their choice on their favorite event and simultaneously make some cool cash from their brilliant predictions on those virtual events. Since events are started and completed in less than a minute unlike the real world version of sportbooking that you will have to wait for a match day and at a given time, which you have to wait for 90 minutes or more before you get your bet result settled. This gives people the chance to bet and win as long as they want.

A new source of entertainment :

Virtual sports is a fun and innovative way to introduce people to a new form of entertainment. With the help of new hardware and technology, it’s been made possible to give way to a different type of entertainment: virtual sports. The interfaces are pretty easy to use and navigate and also don’t take long to get used to it. 


As we all know, real-life sporting events take place on a scheduled date and time. However, that’s not the case for virtual sports, virtual sports are available throughout most of the day. You can place your bets and watch the games online at any point in time. The availability of virtual sports makes it possible for bettors to bet on these games based on different schedules. 

Ease of betting :

While betting on real-world sports may require a decent amount of knowledge and analysis, virtual sports betting requires only a basic knowledge of how the process works. This makes learning for newbies a lot easier than them having to learn everything from scratch for actual sporting events. And also with an intuitive user interface with easy user experience, virtual sport is extremely easy to understand and interactable for newbies with no need of existing xperience

Profit :

Streaming and entertaining oneself is not enough, we will all agree that making money alongside with entertainment is a cool thing we all want to get on, with different types of sport events made available on virtual sports which can give you a new level of profitable opportunities, you can bet on any event of your choice choosing your preferable options and make some good real cash for yourself. Isn’t that cool?

How Does Virtual Sport Betting Work?

Virtual sports betting uses computer game style graphics to outline the action in a variety of fixed odds events, with bookies offering varieties of sport events you can bet on such as soccer, horse racing, cricket, greyhound racing, tennis, motor racing and much more besides.

Just as normal, you tend to bet on odds of your preferred selection in real-world sport betting. Same thing applies here in virtual sport betting. Virtual sports betting uses a random number generator known as RNG to ensure that all sport events are absolutely random and unpredictable. That gives punters the peace of mind of knowing that their bets have a fair chance of winning.

Are Virtual Betting Fair and Truly Random?

Have you ever spun a slot machine for once? Whereby you study the machine before you give it a spin and just a mathematically-based program selects groups of random numbers to determine which symbols are selected to produce either a winning or a losing result.  Or let’s use a dice as a case study, a dice is a 6-face cubic, throwable object with numbers “1-6” placed on each face, when you roll a dice 6 consecutive times you only get random sequences of numbers in most cases. well, virtual sport betting is Just like a dice or slot machine, event results are randomly generated and not fixed or rigged and these randomly generated numbers (RNGs) softwares are usually supplied by external agencies and not the bookie you use, and its should be given that these firms need to be licensed by a Gambling Commision of your geographical location, and there should be no way events will be manipulated, that is if you are using a licenced betting app or site