How much do you know about virtual football betting? What strategies do you use to win bets?

Virtual Football Betting has become one of the biggest trends in the sports gambling industry and has the potential to grow even bigger in the coming years, especially since its  advantages prove to be more beneficial for bettors than that of traditional real football.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual football is the fact that it can be played at any time, and is not subject to factors like  league schedules, lockdowns, player’s form, and weather conditions. 

Other advantages include, the advancements in technology which makes the computer-generated graphics in virtual football to be closer to sports broadcast than a next-generation gaming console screen, the games are shorter allowing for bettors to bet on two or three events consecutively, and it is void of human influence which means no human errors or emotions can interfere with match outcomes. 

When it comes to winning in virtual football betting, there are numerous tips available online which claim to guarantee the success of your wagers.  But the truth is if you really want to win big gambling on virtual football,  then only following the right strategies can help you do that.

In this article, we cover all you need to know about this betting industry, from what virtual football betting is to the best strategies that can help you make profits. 

What Is Virtual Football Betting?

Virtual football betting is a type of wager made on simulated football matches which were created for the purpose of betting. 

It is based on real football matches and leagues, but with fictional player names and altered team names.   

Virtual football betting offers similar markets like real football and includes single competitions and league matches as well. Each game lasts for 3 minutes with a maximum number of 4 goals.

Types Of Virtual Football Betting

Virtual football betting sites offer various markets to bettors, so you will need to thoroughly review prominent bookmakers’ sportsbooks to find out which ones you are interested in.

Additionally, look for betting sites that offer these types of virtual football betting we have listed below:

1. Match Result

In Match Result, you need to predict the exact score outcome of the 3-minute fictional game the same way you would if it were a live 90-minute match. 

You could either bet for the match to end at 3-0 or 2-1.

2. Number of Goals in The Game

Since virtual football can only end at 4 goals and no more in 3 minutes, for this bet, you would have to predict the right amount of goals to win at four or under 4. 

You can’t bet 5 goals, instead your betting options are limited to 0 through 4 goals to be scored in any given match.

3. Winning Margin

Winning margin bets in virtual football,  works the same way it does in real football matches. 

These bets are like goal differences, so you bet on how many goals your favorite team will win by. 

The predicted goals can be anywhere between 1 and 3 since the goals end at 4.

4. Match Winner

In Match Winner you place bets based on which team you believe will win the game, regardless of goal scores. 

Here you don’t need to predict scores, simply pick one team and back them up as the expected winners.

5. Over/Under Goals

Since there are few goals allowed in matches, the only available betting option in virtual football’s over/under goals market is over 1.5 or 2.5 goals. 

This type of virtual football betting does not offer the same over/under markets as real football.

6. Correct Score Group

For Correct Score Group, some virtual football betting sites will permit you to wager on the results for a few games.  

If you are able to correctly guess all the scores for each game, you will earn a profit for your bet.

7. Double Chance

Double Chance gives you the opportunity to bet on two different match outcomes, to earn a profit for the winning outcome at the end of the game. 

The options are:

  • Home team win or draw
  • Away team win or draw
  • Home or away team wins

8. Handicap

Handicap betting market allows you to add goals to the final result. 

If you choose, for instance, Chelsea Blues with a handicap of +1 and the match ends in a 2-2 draw, then your team will win because of the extra handicap point.

9. Result – Both Teams Scoring

In the Result – Both Teams Scoring market, you bet on which team will win and also bet on both sides scoring during the game.

If the team you backed wins and the opposing team doesn’t score, you lose the bet.

10. Team To Score Market

The Team To Score Market requires you to bet on the teams you think will score in a game. 

It doesn’t matter how much they score. But as long as your team wins by the goal selection you made, you will win the wager.

The following markets are available in Result – Both Teams Scoring:

  • Home team scores
  • Away team scores
  • Both teams score
  • Team scoring first
  • Team scoring last

Top Virtual Football Betting Secrets

Before forming a virtual football strategy, there are many things you must consider first to guarantee your success.

Below, we have made a list of some top virtual football betting secrets that can be used by beginners to win wagers easily. 

1. Take it slow when betting on virtual football, don’t put in the bulk of your money. Instead bet lower amounts and shorten the length of your gaming sessions.

2. Master the way bookmakers set their odds and instead of chasing the biggest winnings, go for the frequent ones.

3. Choose good bookmakers who have statistics and open accounts with the ones that are fully licensed and regulated. This allows you to compete against a reasonable house edge and RNG you can trust. You may also be able to bet in-play and claim live bonuses as well.

4. Try different virtual football matches with different games and betting markets, this will help you find how to win big on games. Keep your stakes low when you wager and play around with various betting options to find one that suits you.

5. Bet on a few selections. By keeping your number of selections low on the ticket, you increase your winning odds and reduce volatility.

6. Reduce the number of outcomes in virtual football by using over under betting. Over Under betting  curbs the risk of losing a wager, since it only leaves room for only two outcomes in a game.

Virtual Football Betting Strategy

To accurately predict how to win at virtual football betting, you have to be a skilled bettor who is also somehow extremely lucky. 

This type of mix unfortunately isn’t the kind you would always find in gambling. 

However, if you want to win big at virtual football, these are some virtual football betting strategy you can use:

Use Full Analytic View 

Use Full Analytic View is a good strategy to use if you want to make it big gambling to win in virtual football leagues.

This is because a full analytic view helps you to see clearly which teams are standing and their recent form as well, an information that helps you accurately predict the outcome of the upcoming game, depending on the opponent your preferred team plays next.

The Amputee Mode

Amputee Mode tests your endurance capability to review previous matches.

It is usually deployed at the beginning of a new virtual soccer league, but can also be used each time bettors find a trend change.

With this strategy, study a new league season and understand the trend in the coming weeks so that you can determine the team’s current season form based on your table standing. This strategy lets you know if a team can win you a wager or not.

Investment Capital Split Until Double Even Stake Profit

This strategy teaches you to divide your staking balance by parts so that you don’t bet more than your split capital until you hit an even profit.

An even stake profit is a profit equivalent to your split staking amount. You keep betting until you hit another even stake profit. After getting a double even stake profit, you can then bet a higher amount than your stake amount.

To avoid losing your profits, you can add 25% of your even profit to your staking amount.

Fall and Rise Technique

The Fall and Rise Technique AKA a fallback strategy, tests your ability to remain patient after you lose a bet.

It works best for splitting your capital when you lose a bet. For instance, if you staked N300 and lost, your next game should be half of the previous stake of the game you lost. That means N150 should go for the next stake.

Target an odd that has a 90% chance of happening like under 4.5 below. 

Although the return for this strategy won’t be much, the idea behind it is for you to gain back lost money before staking higher.

Under 4.5 Targeting

For Under 4.5 Targeting strategy, if you bet a game of under 4.5 goals the game must end at 4 goals or less for you to win.

If there are two teams in the top 5 positions facing each other with these odds, you can go for it. 

Head to Head to Current Form

Head to Head to Current Form combines the head to head record of two teams to the current form to determine a game’s outcome.

Head to head means the records of previous matches between two opposing teams.

While current form informs you of how each team fared in their recent five individual matches.

Double Chance

The Double Chance strategy involves you wagering on a team not to lose. It is a good way to win virtual football bets with less risk involved.

Note, before you use a team for this strategy, analyze them well and ensure that they are the best team for you to be backing.

Split Betting

Split Betting, multi bet or accumulator bet is a strategy where you can bet on two matches independently.

If you are sure a team will win, combine its bet with another odds that has a 90% chance of happening. 

For instance, your favorite team is set to beat an underdog team, but what if they lose? The smart thing for you to do is add another game with a better winning chance, like a double chance or an under 4.5 odd if they are available, but bet on them separately using the multi-bet feature. Then split your staking amount so that each game takes an equal part for it each. 

Split Betting is good because if you lose one game and win the other, you won’t lose all your staking amount or you might win both wagers.

The Death Mode

The Death Mode strategy encourages you to save betting for another day once you hit your daily target to mitigate the risk of losing.

A good rule of thumb to be on the safe side is for you not to target more than N100,000 monthly or to have a target of N50,000 per month with daily earnings of N1,700.

Once you reach your daily target which usually happens within an hour or two, quit for the day.


Betting on virtual football is a good way to pass time and engage in exciting games, while making extra money.

The key to successful virtual football betting is for you to keep a clear head at all times, opt for smaller bets (at the beginning of a game at least), and to enjoy the game the same way you would enjoy a real football match.