Who will win EURO 2021?

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Earlier this season, we correctly predicted Manchester City to be crowned as English Premier League 2020/21 winner and Atletico Madrid as La Liga’s winner. We also predicted West Brom and Fulham to be part of the relegated teams from the English Premier League. We didn’t stop there, we went on to correctly predict Norwich, Watford […]

Who Will Win The English Premier League

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Today, we will be taking a look at teams we think are favourites to win the premier league title. We have highlighted Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea as contenders for this prestigious title. They will be arranged in pecking order as we try analyze the reasons behind our forecast.  (1) Manchester City  After suffering a dip in form in the […]

a complete list of the top bookmakers in nigeria

8 Top Bookmakers in Nigeria

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Interested in gambling? Then you need to know about the top bookmakers in Nigeria. Gambling in the world and in particular, Nigeria is a case of zero to hero. Even the originators of betting as a sport will never envisage the kind of profit it has blossomed too. There were numerous crude betting games that […]

top football blogs to follow 2017

Top 100 Best Football Blogs to Follow in 2020

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There is no shortage of soccer blogs and millions of sports posts are published every day. That means it might be difficult to find the right piece of sporting information including football manager, football news and much more. That is why we have decided to create the top football blogs every fan must follow in […]