betting articles to read

As always, betting is much more than a game of luck

When it comes to winning more football bets, there are two ways to go about it.

You can either place your bet blindly or you can use information available to help you have more winning streaks.

The major challenge, therefore, is knowing which information to follow and the ones to disregard. While there are dozens of articles out there, we have carefully selected this top betting articles we think every punter should read.

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Some of these articles will make you laugh. Some will make you cry but either way, you will go away with tips and advice that can help you win more football bets.


  1. Guide to Football Betting

We start off these selections of articles with this simple guide to football betting. This guide introduces the basic concept of betting and shows beginners how to place bets

  1. How to Win At Betting in 10 Easy Simple Steps

I have read dozens of articles but no one summaries the steps anyone can take if they want to win more bets like this article. Well laid out, simple and easy to understand. And guess what the first tip is? Know your sport inside out.

  1. Betting Glossary

About to start placing bet. Then don’t be a novice. Know your betting terms inside out. This glossary is simple, well formatted and easy to navigate. Either you are a beginner or expert, you will find this resource useful.

  1. Betting Secrets- The Best Football Strategy Revealed

The more I practice, the better I get. Yet without a plan or strategy, there is no easy way to know if you are on the right track or not. If you want the odds to favor you, then you need to make this guide your companion

  1. Beginners Guide to Football Betting

Update regularly, this guide tells you the best tips for beginners. It is written in such a way that anyone new to betting can easily understand it. The guide starts with an introduction to some betting terms and then goes on to share tips that can help you place and win bets

  1. Football Betting Systems That Works

Looking for a betting system that really works? Then you can’t afford to miss this guide. It shows you how betting works so you can understand the system. By understanding the betting system, you are guaranteed of making more winnings.

  1. Does Weather Affect The Outcome of A Football Match

One sure way to make more wins is to understand your team both on and off the pitch. But do you that there are a lot of factors that can affect your team’s performance. Take a look at this article that explains the effect of weather on a football team’s performance and learns how external factors can play a role in a football game

  1. Odd Calculator

Betting is both an art and a science. Use this free calculator to estimate fair odds for soccer bets

  1. Is Online Sport Betting Legal

One question most people cannot answer correctly is if sports betting is illegal or not. This wonderful piece of article examines sports betting and comes up with the answer to this question that has plague lots of people over the years

  1. Betting Returns- How to Work Out Your Winnings

How much do you expect to win when you place a bet? Learn how to calculate your winning returns using simple arithmetic formula or use the betting calculator in the article.

  1. Betting Mistakes Most Punters Makes

In this article, expert punters come together to share top betting mistakes most beginners punters make and how to overcome them. #1 team will surprise you.

  1. How to Bet Online

Once you become familiar with some betting terms and systems, the next thing is to place your first bet. Ready, set…… and just before you say go, you need to know online betting works. From choosing a bookmarker to placing the bet, this article shows you all.

13. The Beginner’s Guide to Football Betting

Wondering how to start betting on football? This guide explains what every new punter need to know about football betting

These are the best betting tips articles we recommend. This article will be updated on a regular basis so if you know of an article we should read, let us know.


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