If you are familiar with sport betting and its diverse ways odds are provided to place your stake on in order to make profits, among those betting options is Moneyline.

Moneyline is known to be one of the easiest and safest betting ways to accumulate profit which involves wagering some amount of money on each of your favorite team to win a particular game.

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In sports like Horse racing, boxing, WWE or NFL which people likely take as entertainment and often make money from them by placing a bet, while there are numerous options that you can pick from on a sportsbook, among those options is moneyline, along with the point spread and over or under.

Moneyline is basically betting on a particular team which you think would win the match no matter how many point they make, as long as they win the match then the winning is yours

So now let’s dive deeper into Moneyline.

What is Moneyline?

As already explained above, Moneyline which is often abbreviated as ML on some other sport betting platforms is one of the easiest sports betting strategies ever, it is set by odds makers based on the winning probability for either of the team winning the game.

In sports like baseball, football or ice hockey, and many more there are two major types of team playing against each other, one of the team will be the FAVORITE and the adversary will be the UNDERDOG.

The team labeled as the “Favorite” is the one with higher chances or higher probabilities of winning the game based on strength and statistics, in this case this team will be given negative odds i.e -150 for an instance.

The team labeled as the “Underdog” is the one with lower chance of winning, this team will then be given positive odds by the odd makers i.e +200

Following the recent example made above on how points are given, the team which is given the negative odds has a higher chance of winning. Profiting from this kind of bet is by simply wagering a sum of $150 on -150 odds in order to make a $100 profit while on the other hand the one with the positive odds e.g +200, wagering/risking $100 on +200 in order to make a $200 is the way profit is being generated.

When you are wagering on moneyline you want to make sure that the only thing you are betting on and by picking on the teams with negative signs behind the given odds gives higher chances to win the bet, this is because they are the favorites teams and they are hyped to be more powerful and tactical compare to the Underdogs.

American & Decimal Odds

There are different modes which odds are provided in sports depending on the type of bookie you are using and geographical locations.

For continents like Europes, Australia and Canada, Decimal odds are predominantly used in these locations while the Fraction odds is used by the Americans, it is usually called the American odds.

In sports like football soccer where decimals odds are the type of bet odds which is popularly known, things may take a slight twist as you get to understand what it means and how it works.

In football soccer, there is nothing like a + or a -, negative or positive, what you will see is totally decimal odds such as 1.21, 1.50, 2.35, 5.12, 11.0 and so on. In cases like this, the higher the odds the higher the risk of winning and the lower the odd the higher the probability of winning

It is also similar to the Underdog and the Favorite scenario, in football betting there is usually a weaker team against a weaker team or vice-versa.

The stronger team which can be labeled as the favorite might be given an odd as low as 1.21 for an instance, while the team with lesser chance of winning will be given from 2.o odds and above. Betting on the favorite team is usually the deal when you are looking to bet on Moneyline

What is Moneyline In Football?

In football betting, there is a bet strategy known as Home team winning and Away winning and often called a straight winning alongside with Draw and Over & Under option.

This strategy is the same and it represents moneyline, all you have to do is to put your wager on either of the home team to win the match or the away team to win the match no matter how much they score, as long as they take the lead throughout the match.

The same rule of the moneyline applies here as well, what you are betting on is the team with the lowest odds if the kind of sportsbook you use uses a decimal odd format but if it remains as the american odd format you want to wager your money on the team with the negative/minus sign (-)

Types of outcomes on a moneyline bet

Now this is where things get twisted, in sport events we all are familiar with things turning around in a miraculous way, at times you may bet on the team with the higher chance of winning and you end up losing your bet.

Here i will explain types of outcomes on a moneyline bet

  • Positive outcome which is winning this happens when you bet on a favorite team to win a match and they end up winning, you will take the whole profit of your bet
  • Draw — when you bet on a particular team to win the game and they ended up at the same point causing a draw or tie. For an instance let’s say you bet on either Chicago Bulls or Boston Celtic to win in a basketball game and they ended up at Chicago bulls 109 – 109 Boston Celtic
  • Loss— A bettor will lose their wager when the team they bet on ends up not successfully winning the game, this might be tied to two factors which are either the team ended up in draw or the team which you bet on was beaten instead of winning.

How bettors should approach moneyline bets

The questions I get is how do I approach a moneyline bet?Well don’t let me say it is so easy, there are some scenarios where there are two favorite teams playing against each other, in this kind of game you need to be very careful.

For instance, so let’s say for example a favorite club like chelsea and liverpool are playing against each other and they are both on form and might probably the ones topping the league table, in this case, bet makers usually tighten the odds to something like Chelsea 2.31 – Liverpool  3.02, this is a good example that the both teams are strong and any of the to may either win or the both team ending the match at draw, how you can approach moneyline in this scenario is by making your own research, check if there is any key player that won’t play due to injury and stuffs like that, at times it takes luck to win in this kind of situation.

Why should you bet Moneyline?

Despite having its own conditions, moneyline is still one of the safest and the easiest ways to win and make steady profits, all you need to do is to hunt for those favorite teams of yours that you know for sure that they are on form and will come out with a winning chance then stake your money on them. money line eases tension and mostly help in making profits

Is it better to bet point spread or moneyline in the NFL?

Betting is known to have different strategies that work right?,

Betting on point spread or any other bet options depends on you and your brilliance in the terms of how you see games with what they are likely to play. Betting on point spread is a good strategy only if you know your way around it and likewise other betting options as well, all you need is a strategy that works best for you.

How do I bet on Total Point: Over or Under?

Over or Under is one out of the three most popular betting options in sport betting alongside the point spread and moneyline, it is basically wagering your money on either of the team or the both teams to score above or below a total number of points instead.

In sport like NFL when two teams played against each other like the Packers vs Rams and odds maker offers a total point of either Over 47


Packers vs Rams: Over 47 | Under 47

This means that the sportsbook is offering to you, Packers vs Rams to score a total of 47 points

If you wager your money on Over 47, in order for you to win the bet, both of the team needs to score up to 47 points or more

If you wager your stake on Under 47, in order to win the bet, the combined score from both teams must be a total of 47 or fewer by the end of the event.

What happens if you bet $100 on a +140 money line?

Betting on a positive odds can be a high risk and at times you can be lucky, betting on a team given +140 means that team has a lesser chances of winning and this is likely to be a loss if you put your money on it, but just as luck works, you might be lucky and the team with lesser chance of winning turns out to defeat the one with higher chance. Of course it happens,

It happens in sports like tennis and lawn tennis as well just like the 36 yrs old professional tennis player, Rafael Nadal lost to a 22 year old Felix auger-aliassime in the ATP World Tour Finals, following a defeat 3 : 4 – 6 : 6, who would have believed that’s gonna happen?

What does a minus money line mean?

A negative sign (-) in Moneyline such as -153, -182 and so on is often used for a team with higher probabilities of winning, these teams are known as the favorite because they have higher probability of defeating their opponent. Whenever come across the moneyline and you wonder how it works, i will explain in a simple way that you can understand

In sport like NFL as an example when you look at the moneyline option, you would notice there is a point labeled with a + and the other one labeled -, the point with the + sign indicates that team is the underdog of that event and has a lesser chance of winning while the one with the positive (-) sign is the favorite.

What you wanna bet on is the one with the negative sign which means you are wagering any amount of points given in order to make a hundred dollars ( wagering $158 on -158 odds to make $100 profit, which makes it total of $258. I.e $158 bet + $100 profit)

What does a money line of +200 mean?

A positive sign (+) in a moneyline bet is used for a team with the lesser chances of winning, these teams are known as the underdogs.

What this option means is that you are wagering a $100 to make a profit of $200 which will be accumulated as $300 if you successfully win, i.e $100 stake + $200 profit


Moneyline remains the best and safest betting strategy, it involves positive and negative odds among two different teams.

  • Positive odds, such as +169, indicate underdogs.
  • Negative odds, such as -152, indicate favorites.

Moneyline gives bettors a better chance of winning a bet steadily. All you need is a little research on the match you are dumping your wager on.