Staking on a single bet can be discouraging when you don’t have huge funds to risk on your bets.

In sports betting, combining different match games with different betting options brings about an accumulation of odds, increasing your chance of winning big.

Are you still yet to find out what is cooler than staking single bets?

This article will provide all the knowledge and guides you have always wanted to know about parlay betting and how it works. Stick with this article and feed your brain the knowledge it has been craving for!

Usually when betting, people tend to bet on single sport game just buy wagering on their favorite clubs or favorite games but unfortunately, only bettors with high stakes mostly wins huge amount of money, but right now things are advance, giving both the rich bettors and the ones with lesser tokens in the pocket to make money through this big opportunity.

Making a large combination of games, often called multiplier on some sportsbooks, this system helps accumulate odds by multiplying several game odds together and then you slam your stake on it and stand a chance of winning big, this process is called “parlay”.

What is Parlay In Football Betting?

Parlay in football betting is simply the new smarter way of winning large amounts of money by increasing the total amount of odds on your bettings, this is done by combining two or more games together in a single bet ticket.

Now you don’t have to bet on just a single bet which will probably bring you some boring little amount of winning.

Brighten your world with parlay betting, in parlay betting you are allowed to pick your favorite sport matches together in a single ticket with different types of sports which includes sport matches like Football, NFL, Basketball, Cricket, American Football, Baseball and many other sports.

You do not necessarily need to bet on games that are only for a day, you are allowed to pick matches that are kicking off in the nearest future so it is not necessarily your games must be the same day, you can even mix both games that will be played in a couple of minutes, hours and even days.

I know you are already battling some questions in your head such as, so how does it work? Will I just go on a betting platform and just accumulate games? Does it have its own terms and conditions

Yes of course it has its own Terms & Conditions which will be explained as you proceed in reading, are you ready to know how parlay works? Then let’s dive into this together

How Does Parlay Betting Work?

Combining multiple games can be so high in printing profits but you also need to know there are some pros and cons in this strategy

  • First thing you need to know is to note that when betting a parlay make sure you are on the multiplier tab on any of your favorite sportsbook
  • Secondly, make sure you filter your games as perfect as possible  because parlay may look cool but at the same time be dangerous, each of your sport selections must successfully play out the option you choose them to play before your ticket is granted a win by the sportsbook you use


The Disadvantage in this system is that even when 99% of your selections plays out well and just 1 of the team ended the match with a loss, the whole of the ticket will be ruled as a loss. Although there is now a new way to help you in situations like this but it is only given by very few sportsbook, this new integration is called “Flex”

If its happening that you are usually unlucky when you bet and just either one or two matches ruin your multiple selections, flexing your games may be a better option for you to become a winner.

What is Flexing In Bet & How does it Work?

If favorite sportsbook offers the flex option, this is a great opportunity to win bets

Flexing in sport betting is a type of strategy that works to favor games with higher chances of winning.

After making all your multiple selections and you are ready to stake and submit your bet, you may choose to flex your bet ticket by either 1, 2 or 3, there are grades to flexing and it also has its own Terms and Conditions


For instance, if you choose to flex your games by 1, this means if you have like 30 different matches in your ticket, you are getting a cut-1 advantage, when just 1 of 30 games lost you will be paid out.


If more than the selected amount of flex lost in the bet, your ticket will be considered lost by the sportsbook, this is because the number of lost has gone beyond what you choose.

Another disadvantage is that there is usually a certain amount of percentage that will be deducted from each game flexing.

It may sound crazy but these are just the rules set to regulate the flexing system but either good or bad a lot of people benefits from flexing their games and it is no harm in trying it as well, it is just a way of securing profit

What is an example of a parlay bet?

A quick example, let’s imagine there are series of football matches and part of those event is Manchester City vs Norwich, you think about it and decided to pick Manchester City to win the match against Norwich @1.45 (decimal odd)  because they seem stronger than Norwich then there is another match taking place between Arsenal and Everton and again you wager your money on Arsenal to win @ 1.50.

Now you have two teams in your parlay ticket, one is given 1.45 odds and the other is given 1.50 odds, the moment you added this game the sportsbook system automatically do the math by multiplying the two odds together which will be 2.175.5 in total.

Wagering $100 on this type of bet will make you a total of $217.5 leaving you with your $100 stake and $175 profit.

What are few tips in playing parlay

If you are a sport person who plays bet for fun and you are familiar with many leagues and different kind of sport, there are few thing you can avoid to save your ass, although it is not a must but it does help.

  • Avoid combining different kind of sports such as NFL, Football, Basketball, Rugby, Baseball and many more together in a single bet/ticket. Instead you can focus on separating different kind of sports in different bets, you can play multiple football events in one bet ticket, basketball matches in another bet ticket and do so for different kinds of sports you love betting on
  • Know and Note options that works for you, it may be moneyline, it may be over or under and it may even be point spread and many other options, use these options more as it can help you achieve your goal
  • Avoid staking more than you can afford to lose, know your worth and know your limit when you are on loss, dont force bet and do not make stupid risk
  • Check out for best odds in the market and make sure you go for them, don’t forget to make thorough research on the matches you are wagering on

What Happens to My Parlay Bet if the Sport Event is Canceled?

It is normal for sports events to be canceled or postponed, this may be tied to some factors like weather condition, in this type of case, what most sportsbooks does is to mark the game as canceled but the odd of that particular game may be deducted from your game and will likely pay you out if you won the game as it will be considered a push. A push in the sense that the game was not allowed to take place.

Some sportsbooks may refund for the games that are canceled or postponed and still payout if you won the games as well. Any sportsbook that refuses to do this same thing should be avoided as they don’t negotiate fair bets with their customers.

What Happens to My Parlay Bet if I Bet on A Player and the Player Did Not Play?

This is of course a tactical and interesting question, the answer is so simple.

Since it was the sportsbook that offered the options of staking on a particular player, if it happens you choose a player and the player was not later used in the match.

It was never your fault so should it affect your bet? No! Instead the sportsbook will take full responsibility for this and will refund you your bet without considering it a loss.

Should you bet on parlays?

Parlays are high-risk bettings which one really need to be careful, of course it is fascinating because the more you keep adding more games to your ticket the more the odds keep increasing and sportsbooks do make a tricky logic to lure you to add more games all the time you play parlay, what they do is offering bonuses on large amount of selections you make so that your potential winning will be bigger and charming to your eyes.

It is not advisable to play parlay all the time because you may not be lucky enough to win due to a lot of lost on some specific matches

The only advise that makes sense when betting parlay is to take advantage of opportunities around you such as studying team and players statistics before including them in your bet, making use of Flex bet if your favorite sportsbook offers it because it also saves your ticket from minor losses, make sure you pick teams that you can rely on and lastly, stake low when parlaying, this will save your pocket from critical damages that may be caused by heavy losses.

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Bottom Line

Parlay betting is considered dangerous and frustrating by many bettors who have already tried it and kept losing while on the other hand some talented punters consider it the best strategy still

In all it is the matter of choice, there is no bad in trying new things out if you have never tried parlay betting, if you are already used to parlay betting and you are looking for a way out of consistent losses, the best advice for you is to study the best strategies that works the best for you in all the points listed above in this article

Parlay may remain dangerous and counted as sucker’s bet as people say but if you got lucky and you are able to win just one-time huge amount of odds with little stake may leave you speechless because just a big win on parlay can fill your empty pocket and even help emaciated bank account gain weight.

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