Footballers Engagement During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting millions around the globe, but it has brought out good deeds in some people.  In these troubling times, bright rays of sun shine can be seen through the clouds, as people go the extra mile to help out those on the frontlines of the battle against the virus.  Footballers are no […]

Football and Coronavirus

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Today, we will be taking a comprehensive look at how the COVID-19 pandemic affected football activities globally. (The cancellation of some leagues, the postponement of some matches, footballers’ contracts, who contracted the disease; who passed on, who recovered, new football rules, the forced playoffs, the untimely champions, the premature relegations, the restart, how footballers helped […]

top betting sites in nigeria

8 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

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The sports betting industry in Nigeria has turned into a multi-million naira industry as more people are starting to see the potential of the betting industry!  Think about it; who wouldn’t like to to win NGN1,000,000.00 with NGN100 when it is feasible?! I have been in this betting industry for long and have seen individuals […]

how to master football betting

How to Master Football Betting

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Football betting is an art and like all art, should be carefully mastered.   To improve your betting skills, you need to learn these basic skills: Try to avoid straight wins Avoid popular markets Have a technique/strategy Try to stake on single games Don’t be deceived by odds Always check history, patterns a, d statistics […]

Top Soccer Prediction Sites

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Want to know the top sites that predict football matches correctly? Are you looking for betting sites so you can have the right tips to make a winning? Or do you think like most people that it takes luck to win a bet? According to our research, we found out that only 5% of punters are […]