To start with, what is football betting all about? How do a team play far away in Europe and other parts of the world and I make money through the outcome of their matches by chance? How possible is this?

Could all of this be a faux? In this episode of matters that concerns football betting, we are going to be discussing a lot as we set to break it down bit by bit!  

Check out how to calculate your ROI on sports betting.

Well the simple truth to the second question asked earlier is NO! It’s NOT a FAUX! It’s as REAL as it appears! You can make money by placing bets on football fixtures!

This leads us to the main question of the day which is HOW MUCH MONEY CAN ONE REALLY MAKE FROM FOOTBALL BETTING? ARE THERE STRATEGIES ONE CAN DEDUCE TO MAKE ONE RICH? CAN YOU MAKE A LIVING OUT OF IT? You will get to find out the answers as you read further! 

How Does Football Betting Work?

We all know teams are set out to compete against one another, be it a friendly match or in a competitive tournament, who then sets out the odds? Who determines who has an edge over the other or if the teams are evenly balanced?

What are the factors put into consideration?

Football as a sport is very lucrative and it has a whole lot of branches! I am not even talking football betting just yet! I mean just PURELY the GAME! A perfect relation on how lucrative the game of FOOTBALL can be seen with Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) offering standard courses like the FIFA DIPLOMA IN FOOTBALL MEDICINE, FIFA FORWARD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME, REFEREEING etc.

How much more profitable will it be when betting is induced into football?! It has brought about a whole of professional jobs into the betting industry.

Now we have odds provider, bookmakers, pundits, forecasters, betting clerk, score providers not to mention a few.

That is how deep football betting can be.

Amidst all these, can one find a perfect balance or strategy and become rich? That will be answering as we continue. 

Football Betting Explained

An organization known as odds provider sets the number of odds a particular match would have. Over time, odds set are not fixed as they tend to drop or rise depending on some factors such as injuries, team form, weather conditions, competitiveness, ranking, league position etc.

Bookmakers then integrate these odds into their platform. Who are the Bookmakers? Bookmaker is an organization that accepts and pays off bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds.

Example of bookmakers in Nigeria are BET9JABETKINGNAIRABET and their likes. 

On most occasions, the bookmakers regulate the odds integrated on their platform according to their professional school of thoughts. Now a punter or bettor goes over to their platform either online or offline to place their bets on these odds.

The amount a punter/bettor ends up winning depends on the amount staked and the total number of odds and bonuses. 

Football Betting Statistics in Africa

According to GEOPOLL, a leading mobile survey platform in Africa, Kenya has the highest number of betting youth after a recent rapid survey was carried out among youth between the ages of 17-35 in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. Their report titled, “Mobile gambling among youth in Sub Saharan Africa,” found that 54% of the youth had gambled previously.

Kenya had the highest number at 76%. While Ghana had the least of the nations surveyed at 47%. Apart from South Africa, other nations youth spend around 70% of their gambling efforts on football matches. Kenya also leads in the most amount of money spent gambling.

Unlike youth in other African countries, most Kenyan youth bet once a week spending about $50 per month mostly on football bets. Youth elsewhere spend less than $50 a month and most bet only once a month. Check out other gambling statistics in Nigeria

In terms of notable success stories, there have been quite a few. In 2015, Professor Godwin Ighalo, a Professor of Computer Engineering won around fifty-nine Million Naira from 1960bet. This is currently the highest payout ever in Nigeria. 

Biggest payout in sports betting history in Nigeria recorded at 1960Bet

Cosmas Korir, a Kenyan won over two million dollars on a sports bet placed with Sportpesa. This haul is purportedly the largest amount of winnings in Africa. 

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Are There Football Strategies That Can Make You Rich?

One of the biggest football betting prediction sites in Africa; TIPS180 has deduced strategies that can be used in making profits steadily! Its accuracy level is quite high boasting up to 92% accuracy.

Strategies like ROLLOVER BET and FOOTBALL INVESTMENT SCHEME has proven to be effective but not without a disadvantage! You can read more about the strategies HERE.

One of the major key individuals needs to learn and I am not referring to only bettors is a good understanding of how money works! Money is a tool!

Put it to work and it will continue to produce more money for YOU! Consequently, you will amass wealth as a result. Furthermore, those who lack this simple understanding will gamble it away. 

One of the most mistakes most bettors make is CHASING LOSSES! Trying to recuperate the money lost the last time they placed a bet and not knowing when to take a break. Your winnings and investments should be channeled into savings and investments likely to yield more money.  

Another common mistake bettors make is placing bet more with their emotions rather than logic!

I have seen ardent Barcelona followers refusing to understand some odd factors against their team and just believing that because Lionel Messi is on the field, there is always a winning chance!

This is WRONG! That is why trusted football betting tipsters in TIPS180 are neutrals and advise on how to stake based on LOGIC! 


The answer is YES! But you have to be mindful of the mistakes discussed above.