Top Soccer Prediction Sites

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Want to know the top sites that predict¬†football matches correctly? Are you looking for betting sites so you can have the right tips to make a winning? Or do you think like most people that it takes luck to win a bet? According to our research, we found out that only 5% of punters are […]

football betting rules

5 Golden Rules for Betting on Football

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Like most things in life, there are rules to football betting. Unlike, of course, laws that govern a state that has consequences if broken, the rules of betting do not have external consequences but yes, there are consequences for not knowing and abiding by the rules in betting. Betting is a game and people are […]

betting mistakes beginners makes

10 Betting Experts Share Tips on How to Avoid the Betting Mistakes Punters Make

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Everyone knows the motivational rush you get when you place a bet. Some people think that winning bets is pure luck. Others do not and those who do not are usually the most successful because they avoid betting mistakes most beginners make. Why? Looking for the site that predicts football matches correctly. Check out Tips180. […]

tips180vsbetensured side by side comparism

Tips180 vs Betensured

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Like two similar things, Tips180 and Betensured are two websites that could pass for the same thing but also different. People erroneously believe that because twins share the same womb for about nine months – in most cases – and were born minutes from each other, then they must be the same. Spending time with […]