how to master football betting

How to Master Football Betting

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Football betting is an art and like all art, should be carefully mastered.   To improve your betting skills, you need to learn these basic skills: Try to avoid straight wins Avoid popular markets Have a technique/strategy Try to stake on single games Don’t be deceived by odds Always check history, patterns a, d statistics […]

Top Soccer Prediction Sites

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Want to know the top sites that predict football matches correctly? Are you looking for betting sites so you can have the right tips to make a winning? Or do you think like most people that it takes luck to win a bet? According to our research, we found out that only 5% of punters are […]

football betting rules

5 Golden Rules for Betting on Football

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Like most things in life, there are rules to football betting. Unlike, of course, laws that govern a state that has consequences if broken, the rules of betting do not have external consequences but yes, there are consequences for not knowing and abiding by the rules in betting. Betting is a game and people are […]

top football blogs to follow 2017

Top 100 Best Football Blogs to Follow in 2020

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There is no shortage of soccer blogs and millions of sports posts are published every day. That means it might be difficult to find the right piece of sporting information including football manager, football news and much more. That is why we have decided to create the top football blogs every fan must follow in […]